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Simple Towing Tips to Follow for Safe Towing

If you’re planning on doing some towing, it’s important that you not only follow simple towing rules but also that you have your vehicle in tiptop shape. Stopping at Tysinger Automotive Family to have your vehicle inspected prior to any towing will ensure you reach your destination safely.

Exercising simple safety can make your towing excursion successful. Check to be sure all your lights and signals are working correctly and that you’re using all available towing mirrors. Make sure all tires are the correct size, and the towing components are working correctly.

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Why Your Car is Hydroplaning

When your car is hydroplaning, this means your car is sliding along the road instead of gripping the road. Rain can cause your car to hydroplane, especially in the first few minutes of rain when it mixes with oil in the road.

If your tires have lost tread or are not full enough, this can cause your car to hydroplane in rainy weather. In addition, driving too fast for the road conditions and braking hard can cause you to lose control of your vehicle in the rain.

To see if your tires are ready for the poor weather, head over…

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Save Yourself Time by Using Our Online Service Appointment Scheduler

Time is money, and everyone likes to save both when they can. Here at Tysinger Automotive Family we are the same way, and we like to find ways to save our customers time as well. That is why we put an online service appointment scheduling tool on our website. If you know what you need to be done to your car, truck, or SUV and you have a timeframe in mind, then log on to our site, click, and schedule. It is very simple to use and is quite a time saver.

Don't worry though, because our experienced and…

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Learn What Makes Headlight Maintenance Vital

Driving down a long winding dark road, you see in your rearview mirror a motorcycle following you very closely. They are impatient, so they pass you. After they safely pass, you discover it’s not a motorcycle but a car with one operational headlight. Driving with headlights nonoperational is foolish even illegal. Don’t get caught in a bad position, check your headlights regularly.

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Why You Should Keep Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank Full Through the Winter

Throughout the years, especially in the more recent ones, it has gotten tougher for people to make ends meet. With the difficulties comes the ingenuity of cutting what corners can be cut because, in the long run, every little bit adds up. One of the ways most people try and economize is with the fuel in the vehicle's gas tank.

The debate has largely been whether to keep your vehicle as full as possible or to keep it close to empty. Those who stick with an empty tank figure that since gas has weight, the less of it means…

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Get Better Traction and Control from Your Drivetrain

It can be very useful to have a vehicle that has all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. If you have to drive off-road or in bad weather conditions, it can get you out of a sticky situation. In general, if you like to drive sedans or crossovers, you will end up with a vehicle that has all-wheel drive. If you like to drive trucks and bigger SUVs, you will probably get power to all four wheels.

It is far better to have power to more than just two of your wheels because you will have better traction and control. Come see…

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Dealer Maintenance Service: The Way It's Supposed to Be

You're looking for high-quality car maintenance, and you're not sure where to turn. It’s understandable. Most areas host a range of mechanics and auto shops, many of which are genuinely good at their jobs. As good as they are, however, most would be hard-pressed to offer the value of dealership-delivered car maintenance.

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Look Out for Children When Driving on Halloween

It's important for you to keep your eyes open and on the road anytime that you are driving. On Halloween, however, it's especially important. There are more pedestrian-related accidents on Halloween than on any other day of the year. You want to keep kids safe while they're trick-or-treating. Here are a few tips that can help.

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