Why to Have Your Vehicle Serviced at the Dealership

Here at Tysinger Automotive Family, we're here to remind you of the value of having your vehicle serviced by the OEM dealership. We offer five dealerships throughout the greater Hampton, VA area and all of which have a team of factory trained technicians that know the ins and outs of your specific vehicles. We only use the genuine OEM parts that are designed for your vehicle, and we possess the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to get the job done quicker than ever!

Having your vehicle serviced at the Dealership provides you with the most reliable information based on your car type. Dealerships have technicians trained to work on your specific make and model, so you can have confidence knowing that your vehicle is going to be repaired correctly and quickly every time!

Not only will you be provided with great service and information, you will also receive top of the line replacement parts to go along with it. These parts will come with a guarantee that the dealership will keep track of for you in their computer system, making any questions you have later, easy to retrieve.



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