Audi Elaine Concept Debuts Next-Gen AI, Autonomous Driving, and E-Tron Technology

The idea of artificial intelligence in a vehicle might harken images from the Terminator movies, but Audi has promised that the production version of the Elaine Concept will bring empathy into the equation. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this impressive prototype doesn’t just show off Audi AI’s next iteration, but furthers its autonomous driving credentials as well.

The Elaine Concept houses a familiar powertrain in the form of a 320 kilowat battery powering one electric motor up front, and two out back for a combined system output of 429 horsepower (496 in special mode). Good for a total of 311 miles of pure electric range, it will surely top numerous EV competitors when it goes on sale in 2019. But that’s not all. Audi AI is on hand to learn your habits and preferences, and will be capable of empathy, while Traffic Jam Pilot raises the top speed of autonomous driving to level four and 81 mph.

Some of the features on display in the Elaine Concept can already be found in some of our new Audi models. To test drive a model with Virtual Cockpit, Audi Connect, and MMI, contact our Hampton, VA dealership and schedule your appointment.

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