What's New at Tysinger?

You spoke and we listened!

Tysinger Motor Co. is excited to announce an innovative restructuring of our Mercedes-Benz Service operation in order to bring you a whole new level of client care.  We feel that this change is by far the most significant improvement we have achieved in our service setup in the history of our company.

There are a number of internal changes which deal with shop set up, pay plans and logistics which we’ll just skip over to get right to the point on how our restructuring will impact your experience.  We know that you have been putting up with long waits for appointments, longer than acceptable wait times for work to be completed and on more than one occasion problems that were not fixed the first time.    

This new structure has been implemented in the Mercedes-Benz service side and will be implemented in Audi and Hyundai in the coming days.  

What you will see as result:

·       Quicker scheduling  There will be more options for appointments, often including same day afternoon appointments.  Need to schedule service?

·       Faster turnaround.  Minor services being performed quickly and efficiently while you wait.

·         More available loaner cars

·       Improved overall efficiency keeps our costs in line and allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing

·       Our number one goal  – fixing the problem RIGHT the FIRST TIME – this is our mantra and our mission

·      Team member morale – as an added bonus, 99% of our team is absolutely thrilled with this change and although happy technicians may be a less tangible benefit to our clientele we hope you will be feeling the good vibrations.

We are confident with the new restructuring that we have entered a new age of service here at Tysinger with improved speed and efficiency and that’s why we just had to share this good news with you.



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