Experience the Cool and Practical Virtual Cockpit From Audi



Infotainment systems represent a new benchmark in practicality, and as of late, they’ve become standard fair in many vehicles, mainstream and premium. But for a luxury brand like Audi, they’ve sought to make these system both useful and safe, and Virtual Cockpit is just one way they’re doing that. What is it, you ask? An infotainment system integrated with your instrument cluster.

How does it work? Thanks to the help of the kind of quad-core processor available in smart phones, it works quickly. We know that’s not what you meant, though. Virtual Cockpit comes with two views. Classic shows your speedometer and tachometer, while switching to Infotainment moves these to the side to make room for applications like maps, and others. Better yet, it can be easily configured using your Audi MMI touch wheel, or a touch-sensitive nub on your steering wheel.

Virtual Cockpit is available on the A4, Allroad (Technology package), and the Q7 (Vision package) for 2017, and many more new Audi models for 2018. To include it in your next vehicle purchase, let our Hampton, VA sales team know when you schedule your test drive.

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