Is It Time to Visit a Service Center for an Oil Change?

While we have a plethora of stunning vehicles for you to choose from (like Audi and Hyundai), Tysinger Automotive Family also has experienced service centers that can provide your vehicle with the maintenance it needs. One particular service that is quite important is an oil change. Do you remember when your car’s last oil change was?

If you aren’t sure, feel free to make an appointment with us to get the service your vehicle deserves. Our trained staff of technicians can provide you with quality work to help ensure the security of your vehicle. When it comes to an oil change, there are many factors that the motor oil has that contributes towards the overall health of your car.

With many vital roles, one of the elements of motor oil is the lubrication that it provides to the engine of the vehicle. Without the proper amount of lubrication, those fast-moving engine parts can become very hot and cause friction with the engine. Over time, this can lead to a costly repair. Oil also has the ability to clean the engine. When the oil is clean, it cleanses the debris from the engine, but when it is dirty, it can build up and form a sludge consistency that can be harmful to your vehicle’s engine in the future.


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