Keep Your Brakes Happy

It's fairly obvious that your brakes are very important when it comes to your car. Without them, you could get into some difficult situations, and that is not good. Your car needs to be safe so that you and your passengers can be safe. That's why it gets recommended that you get your brakes inspected at least once every 12,000 miles or if it's been over a year since they have last gotten checked. Your vehicle's manufacturer also has a recommended amount of miles between brake fluid exchanges, and it is wise to follow those guidelines. Preventative maintenance for your vehicle is always the best way to go. It's way better than having to deal with damaged brakes or worse; losing you brakes completely. Other tip-offs to bad brakes are grinding or squealing noises, a "spongy" brake pedal, and brakes that cause your car to slightly pull to the side. Get it checked out if that's the case here at Tysinger Automotive Family in Hampton, VA.

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