Synthetic or Conventional Oil: Does One Outshine the Other?

You've likely been asked at the shop during an oil change if you prefer conventional or synthetic. Which is better? Maybe you opt for the more inexpensive choice and go conventional. After all, that is what the manual recommends. But are you making the better choice?

Synthetic oils are better than conventional in form as well as function because of its capacity to stand up to extreme temperatures without breaking down. Synthetic oils do cost more than conventional, sometimes double, but the benefits may outweigh the price to you. Conventional oil creates more resistance in an engine causing your horse power and efficiency to drop. Added horsepower through the use of synthetic oil can give you better performance using less gas.

In the end, whether the choice to save money at the start or throughout the life of the oil is yours. If you are still unsure, our professionals can give you more insight and direction. Just give us a call.

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