Why You Should Keep Your Vehicle's Fuel Tank Full Through the Winter

Throughout the years, especially in the more recent ones, it has gotten tougher for people to make ends meet. With the difficulties comes the ingenuity of cutting what corners can be cut because, in the long run, every little bit adds up. One of the ways most people try and economize is with the fuel in the vehicle's gas tank.

The debate has largely been whether to keep your vehicle as full as possible or to keep it close to empty. Those who stick with an empty tank figure that since gas has weight, the less of it means, the lighter the vehicle will be and thus use less fuel. While this may be true, the side effects of running your tank so low can be extremely costly, especially in the winter months. Empty space in your vehicle's fuel tank is filled with air which has water vapors. These vapors can freeze and cause some very serious damage to your vehicle.

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